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BP Batam Agribusiness Agricultural Area

We Manage an Area of 116 Hectares in Sei Temiang, Batam City

The areas managed by us have facilities and infrastructure that can be used by the community to raise, garden, and carry out fishery business activities.

For agriculture, we prepare areas for plantations, cultivation of ornamental plants, ornamental grasses and provide various plant seeds, as well as being the location of our agricultural research centre.

For the agricultural sector, there are several services that we manage

The agricultural area in our Agribusiness area also continues to be standardized and developed with multiple systems, including hydroponics and organic farming with an integrated irrigation system.

Post Harvest / Processing Plots

Our agricultural land rental facility with the support of our agricultural facilities and infrastructure.

Organic Crops Cultivation Land

The provision of land for agricultural cultivation systems that rely on natural ingredients without using synthetic chemicals. Organic agricultural processing is based on the principles of health, ecology, justice, and protection.

Hydroponic Cultivation Land

The provision of land for plant cultivation systems, especially vegetables and fruit types, without using a planting medium in the form of soil. The planting media used are rockwool, roasted husks, hydrotons, or sand with an emphasis on meeting the nutritional needs of the plants.

Agricultural Goods Showcase

A service facility to help market agricultural products from the community in general. Our showcase service also includes ornamental plant products.


BP Batam Agribusiness Agricultural Services

No. Facilities/ Services Unit Service Rates Description
1 Agricultural Products & Goods Showcase Per m2 per Year Rp. 2,000 Reserve Now
2 Organic Cultivation Per m2 per Year Rp. 3,000 Reserve Now
3 Hydroponic Cultivation Per m2 per Year Rp. 5,000 Reserve Now
4 Aquaponic Cultivation Per m2 per Year Rp. 7,000 Reserve Now
5 Purchase of Plant Seeds (Seedlings) Per Plant Rp. 250,000 Reserve Now
6 Purchase of Plant Seeds (Medium) Per Plant Rp. 350,000 Reserve Now
7 Rent Plot Post Harvest/ Processing Per Lot/ Activity Rp. 7,500,000 Reserve Now
8 Rent Land for Ornamental Plant Cultivation Per M2 Per Year Rp. 2,000 Reserve Now
9 Ornamental Plant Cultivation Showcase Per M2 Per Year Rp. 2,000 Reserve Now

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