BP Batam Agribusiness Animal Husbandry Area

Management of Animal Husbandry. We are located in the Agro Marina area of BP Batam.

Our livestock cultivation area is integrated with the agro-tourism concept that we are currently developing. Here, we provide pen and tread facilities and services for farm animals.

BP Batam's Agribusiness Unit also produces manure for public use and fisheries business facility services.

For the livestock sector, there are several services that we manage

The BP Batam livestock area in the Marina area has several supporting facilities to support general livestock activities in the city.

Livestock Cage/ Farm

A rental facility for cage and farm are managed here.

Production of Bokashi and Manure Fertilizer

Business unit providing manure for the agricultural needs of the Batam community in general.

Showcase Land and Aquaculture

The provision of land for community aquaculture activities. We also provide showcase services for community fishery products.

Livestock Slaughtering Services

A service facility to help livestock breeders and traders.


BP Batam Agribusiness Livestock Services

No. Facilities/ Services Unit Service Rates Description
1 Livestock Slaughter Services (cow, buffalo, horse) Per Package Rp. 150.000 Reserve Now
2 Livestock Slaughter Services (goats, sheep, of the kind) Per Animal Rp. 30,000 Reserve Now
3 Cow/Buffalo Cage Per Cage Per Year Rp. 15,000 Reserve Now
4 Farm for Cows, Goats, Sheep (min. 300 m2) Per Farm Per Year Rp. 6.500.000 Reserve Now
5 Bokashi Per Sack Rp. 75,000 Reserve Now
6 Manure Per Sack Rp. 75,000 Reserve Now
7 Fishery Showcase Per M2 Per Year Rp. 3,000 Reserve Now
8 Fishery Cultivation Land Rent Per M2 Per Year Rp. 2.750 Reserve Now

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