Deer Park and Jogging Track

Mini Zoo and Public Open Area


The 12.2-hectare area for the Sekupang Deer Park tourism area has been planned by BP Batam for development concept of a child-friendly Mini Zoo. Located in the Tanjung Pinggir area, Sekupang, Batam with easy access and affordable prices. This location can now be enjoyed with various choices of relaxing spots and long tracks suitable for jogging with curves, descents, and other exciting obstacles.

Deer Park

Play while learning in open nature.

It is a tourim destination for exercise and recreation mixed with the urban concept and open nature.

Having an area of 12.2 hectare, this location continues to be developed with the mini-zoo concept which is child-friendly, public activities and natural conservation area.



Exercise in Green and Beautiful Locations

Besides being beautiful, this location also has a jogging track that is about five kilometers long and three meters wide.

The area is full of shady trees to keep the location cool even in the daytime. Not only that, there is also a deer enclosure that is a magnet attraction for visitors.

At first, the Sekupang Deer Park Jogging Track was only used as a place for sports by BP Batam employees who live not far from the location.


Rates and Services

The location of the Deer Park in the Sekupang area is a suitable alternative as a place for family trips. Besides tourism, families can also learn more about the animals at our mini zoo and the concept of nature conservation.

Entrance Rates and Facilities

An Open Space that Blends in with a Deer Park

The concept of developing the Lotus Lake Park or Pond Park adjacent to the Deer Park is also to support the concept of operating the BP Batam Hospital as a Special Economic Zone (KEK) for Healthcare in Batam.

Currently under construction is a Jogging Track with a track length of 1,200 meters and a track width of 3.5 meters, surrounding the Pond Park equipped with a rest area.

In addition, the area for public and conservation activities will also be renovated with a more modern design including a fish pond, children's play pool, fishing pond, worship area and of course a mini zoo as well as pedestrian and bicycle path access at the entrance and exit of the park.


BP Batam Deer Park Services and Rates

No. Facilities/ Services Unit Service Rates Description
1 Tiket Masuk Senin - Jumat (umum/dewasa) One-time Entrance Rp. 5,000 Reserve Now
2 Tiket Masuk Senin - Jumat (anak-anak/pelajar) One-time Entrance Rp. 5,000 Reserve Now
3 Tiket Masuk Sabtu, Minggu dan Libur Nasional (umum) One-time Entrance Rp. 10,000 Reserve Now
4 Gazebo Use (weekends) Per 3 Hour Per Activities Rp. 100,000 Reserve Now
5 Gazebo Use (weekdays) Per 3 Hour Per Activities Rp. 50,000 Reserve Now

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